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Manage your smart homes Currently not available

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In order to get the most out of your smart home and accessories, it’s important to have a powerful and efficient way to organize and control it.
With MyHomes it has never been more delightful to do this. You can organize your accessories, create new scenes, triggers and control your smart home accessories from wherever you go.

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MyHomes can handle all your smart homes in one app. Manage your own homes or invite others to it. It has never been easier to controll all your smart home accessories with one app.

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Create a new or select a predefined scene like ‚good morning‘ that turns on the lights, raises your shades and starts brewing your coffee - with just one command. You can reorder and group them to your preferences.

Characteristic, location and time based triggers


Triggers will automate your home based on time, your location or accessory characteristics. So without you even giving commands, your home is always set, like everything is turned off by leaving your home.

Room and zones screenshot

Rooms and zones

Organize your accessories like in a real home in rooms and rooms into zones. Rooms and zones are recognized and can be controlled by Siri.

MyHomes accessory and service groups screenshot

Accessories and service groups

Group accessories in service groups to control a subset of accessories at once, like all exterior door locks.
Within the accessories browsers you can have a look at important accessory properties and turn lights and switches on or off.

Trigger screen

Events / conditions

Create triggers based on time, accessory characteristics or your location (GPS and iBeacon). Listening for all characteristic changes and evaluate conditions with less/greater/equal values are one of many convinient feature supported by MyHomes.

Different theme screens


You can change MyHomes appereance to your needs, it's like one app with many faces. Take a look at some examples above where you can select one of three themes - light, sepia, dark - as well as a primary color.

List of all proprietary characteristcs supported by MyHomes


MyHomes supports proprietary characeritstics.
Elgato Eve: Battery status, Air Quality, Air Pressure, Openings and voltage, amperage, current and total power consumption.
Parce One: Voltage, amperage and current power consumption.

iPad and iPhone Dashboard Screenshot


With Dashboards controlling rooms, zones, accessories, groups, scenes and triggers is just a tap away. For example one dashboard can be used while watching tv where you can easily dim the lights or activate a scene for movies.

Today view widgets for scenes, accessories and triggers

Today Widgets

Three today view widgets enables you to control your home without even opening the app.
You can quickly activate a scene, turn an accessory on or check if your wakeup trigger is turned off during the weekend.

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MyHomes is available as a universal app running on both iPhone* and iPad*.
It uses Apple's HomeKit framework to provice a seamless experience between all of your iOS* devices and other HomeKit apps.

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MyHomes is developed in Apple's latest programming language Swift and takes advantage of many new iOS features and Apple's HomeKit framework. The app is is optimized for running on all iPhones (4S/5/5S/6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus) and iPads with iOS 9 or later and supports the new iOS 9 split view on iPad.

App Preview

Get a brief overview about some MyHomes features in action.
The App Preview shows; how to edit an accessory and assign it to another room. It shows all accessories inside a Zone and how to tun a light on and off. As well as creating a trigger folder and how to assign triggers to it.


Manage your smart homes

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